There has been a tremendous increase in the amount of identity theft by a technique known as Phishing. Phishing is an Internet and/or phone based scam where people develop an email or phone campaign or an Internet Website that impersonates a legitimate organization. These people solicit personal and/or financial information from you via email or the Website. This can include Social Security Numbers, account numbers, passwords or PIN’s and of course credit/debit card information.

Please be advised, Dow Northeast Employees Federal Credit Union Credit Union will never initiate communication with you via email, phone, or website link asking for such information. If you receive a suspicious email, phone call, or link, please contact us immediately (215-554-6185 or 215-695-4601). If you receive a phone call and are not sure it is from the credit union, please ask the person their name and ask them if you can call them back at our regular number.